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Middle South

July, 2010
Regional Report

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NGA Youth Garden Grants
The National Gardening Association works with sponsoring companies and organizations to provide in-kind grants to projects that actively engage kids in the garden and improve the quality of life for their communities. To be eligible for an award, your group must plan to garden with at least fifteen kids between the ages of 3 and 18. Each grant program has eligibility requirements, a deadline for entries, and requires a year-end impact report. For more information, visit the Web site at Kids Gardening.

Tool or Gardening Product

Most garden plants are grown and sold in plastic pots, a non-biodegradable product made from non-renewable resources, but now home gardeners can do better with CowPots. Fabricated as 3- or 4-inch pots from composted cow manure, CowPots are earth-friendly containers that stay intact for up to 12 weeks when filled with potting soil and planted with seed, but break down within weeks when added to the garden. These containers not only utilize a renewable resource, they also give young plants a quick start and enrich the garden's soil. For more information visit


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