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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

September, 2010
Regional Report


Ornamental Grasses
The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses by John Greenlee (ISBN 0-87596-100-2) is an excellent reference which includes brilliant color photographs by Derek Fell. The book includes tips on propagation, care and selection of grass plants commonly used in landscapes. It is rich in information and freely shares John Greenlee's wealth of horticultural and landscape knowledge. Descriptions of each grass include the botanical name, pronunciation, common name, USDA hardiness zone, origin and preferred sites. Also included are any special growing requirements and common pests and diseases. This is a handy book to have on hand if you are considering using ornamental grasses in your landscape.
186 pages including glossary, index, introduction and foreword. Full color photographs.

Favorite or New Plant

Orange Hook Sedge
One of my favorite ornamental grasses is Orange Hook Sedge (Ucinia egmontiana). I like to use the stiff foliage in flower arrangements. It is a clumping grass that has no common pests or diseases. The orange/brown foliage is complementary when planted next to blue flowering and silver colored plants. It is compact, tidy and very hardy.


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