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Northern & Central Midwest

August, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

Tree Care
The website Tree Care is a great place to go for information on planting, culture, diseases, hardiness, propagation, how to choose varieties to plant, and just about any other questions you might have about trees. It also has an arborist directory and a tree registry. Be sure to bookmark this site for all your tree and shrub needs.

Favorite or New Plant

Fern Leaf Beech
We simply don't plant enough beeches in the Midwest. This lovely tree has ferny leaves that droop softly, giving the entire plant a delicate texture in spite of its size. The tree can reach forty to fifty feet high and wide, but it takes an extremely long time to get that big. The bark is soft gray and smooth, setting off the lustrous green summer leaves and rich yellow fall color. Beeches do best in well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, and they thrive in full sun. So consider planting a fern leaf beech as a focal point in a spot that can handle a large tree eventually.


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