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Northern & Central Midwest

September, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

Flower Garden Bulbs
Doug Green's website Flower Garden Bulbs is a great place for information about individual bulbs, both for forcing and growing outdoors. There's plenty of information about every kind of bulb imaginable, particularly some of the not-so-common ones. If you love bulbs, this is a great place to start


Bulb Forcing
Bulb Forcing by Art Wolk will appear on shelves next winter. This is a great source for anyone who has considered forcing bulbs to grow indoors. There's nothing like a pot of tulips on the windowsill in January, and Art Wolk will tell you exactly how to do this. The book has beautiful photos to inspire, and easy-to-access botany to explain how bulbs work and what needs to be done to force them indoors in soil or water. And perhaps best of all, the author has a wonderful sense of humor threading through the entire book.


Today's site banner is by nativeplantlover and is called "Blue Spheres"