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Lower South

September, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

Low Cost Winter Plant Protection Structure
Fall is on the way and freezing weather will soon follow. The web page Low Investment Propagation/Winter Protection Structure is a simple leaflet that provides instructions for constructing an inexpensive, practical structure for protecting plants. If a greenhouse is out of budget, consider this low cost alternative for stretching the season, whether it is a vegetable garden bed or a rooting box of tender cuttings needing protection.

Favorite or New Plant

Rosemary 'Gorizia'
I like rosemary, but I have to tell you I love this one. 'Gorizia' is a very upright cultivar, with thick vertical stems filled with longer, brighter green and broader leaves than most other cultivars. In fact, its leaves are twice as wide as most other rosemary cultivars. It excels as an ornamental plant and then, of course, there are the culinary benefits of having rosemary growing in the garden or landscape. The fragrance of 'Gorizia' foliage is a little lighter than that of some others, but I have found it to be a great addition to a variety of dishes. It seems to be fairly hardy among rosemary cultivars, reportedly to about 15 degrees. Plants reach about 4-5 feet tall.


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