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Pacific Northwest

October, 2010
Regional Report


Late-Season Garden Planning
If you need some inspiration for planning a garden that goes full steam from early fall through early winter, get some help from Autumn Gardens by Ethne Clarke (Soma Books, 1999; $35). It's full of spectacular color photos and provides suggestions for a wealth of combinations of foliage, flowers, grasses, berries and bark that keeps the color coming right into winter.

Clever Gardening Technique

Make Potpourri for Gifts
As you're cleaning up the garden, be sure to harvest some petals and leaves for potpourri. Here's a recipe to give you ideas:

2 cups lavender
2 cups rose petals
1 cup rosebuds
1 cup mock orange flowers
1 cup scented geranium leaves
1 cup bergamot leaves
1 cup pinks
1 cup larkspur flowers
1/4 cup daisy flowers
8 love-in-a-mist seedpods
8 strawflowers
5 tablespoons orris root (fixative)

You can substitute some of the flowers or leaves with those of your choice, using fragrances that you prefer. Gently combine flowers and leaves, then mix the fixative with the spices and blend in with your hands.

Sprinkle on essential oils if desired, one drop at a time, stirring between each drop. Seal and store in a warm, dry, dark place for six weeks to "cure."


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