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October, 2010
Regional Report

Clever Gardening Technique

Store Seeds in Envelopes and Paper Bags in Lidded Jars
Keeping stored seeds dry is most important. Seeds are dormant, not dead. Even a little moisture will stir a seed to start germinating, wherever it is. A partially germinated seed won't be viable come planting time. Experts recommend storing dry seed in paper envelopes and paper bags to assure seeds are completely dry. Many then put those paper containers in lidded jars.

Web Finds

Tips About Bulb Care and Planting
Should we dig up tender bulbs such as dahlias, tuberoses and gladiolas? When? What then? Which bulbs are best planted in spring, summer, fall? Which spring and summer bulbs are okay for our USDA zone? What about heirloom bulbs? Old House Gardens answers these questions and many more.


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