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Upper South

October, 2010
Regional Report

Web Finds

For basic information about both spring- and summer-flowering bulbs, answers to frequently asked questions, ideas for using bulbs in the garden and home, and much, much more, there's no better source than the International Flower Bulb Centre. This is a great site for getting ideas about different color combinations of bulbs. If you're interested in how to naturalize bulb plantings, there's information on that, too.

Favorite or New Plant

For brightening up the fall garden, few plants can compare to the beautyberry with it's brilliant purple fruit in clusters along the stems. There is a native American speciesCallicarpa americana as well as several Asian species, including C. bodinieri, C. dichotoma, and C. japonica. Michael Dirr, noted tree and shrub expert, prefers C. dichotoma for its refined, arching growth habit. These shrubs grow3 to 4 feet tall and as wide. Although each fruit is only one-eighth inch in diameter, it is part of a cluster up to 2 inches wide. The fruits persist until November. Beautyberries adapt well to any well-drained soil. If they become overgrown, simply cut them back to the ground. For those who don't like purple, there are also white-fruited forms.


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