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Coastal and Tropical South

October, 2010
Regional Report

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National Drought Overview
Brought to you by the NOAA Satellite and Information Service and the National Climatic Data Center of the US Dept. of Commerce, Drought Overview offers a map updated monthly to reflect drought levels. More detailed information about water restrictions and burn bans is available from each state's sources, but this overview is dramatic. Fall camping, tailgating, backyard grilling as well as trash and lawn burning are traditions in our regions and some activities may need to be curtailed. Do not burn anything outdoors, including charcoal, while burn bans are in effect.

Clever Gardening Technique

Double planting
Gardeners get so excited about planting a new season of veggies, they sometimes go overboard in planting. A 12 foot row of mustard greens or carrots may not look like much when you plant it on a sunny afternoon. But a few weeks later, the harvest is too huge for the family and sometimes even for the freezer. Instead, use that same space for succession sowing: sow one foot of row or one square foot of a bed one day, then wait a week to plant the next section. Or set out transplants of spinach, etc., the same day that you plant seeds. Most of our favorite veggies can be picked over many weeks if the plants are staggered in timing and/or size. Check local dates and make the most of the time each crop can be planted, and thus harvested.


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