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Lower South

November, 2010
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Copper Canyon Daisy
Fall bloomers are a welcome addition to my landscape. Copper Canyon Daisy (Tagetes lemmonii) is an outstanding fall to early winter bloomer, bearing a multitude of one-inch, yellow blossoms as the day length shortens in the fall. This relative of marigolds forms a 3-4 foot tall mound of strongly aromatic foliage with a citrus/pine scent that also serves to make it unpalatable to deer. Give it a full to part sun location and well drained soil. Don't push it with fertilizer or the plant will tend to get rather lanky in growth.

Clever Gardening Technique

Homemade Plant Labels
Discarded plastic venetian blinds with the thin 1" slats can be made into great plant labels. Use a scissors to cut the strips to the desired length, cutting one end into a point. Then use pencil to write on the homemade labels as it doesn't fade as fast as most markers and weathers well. Don't use imported, non-glossy vinyl mini-blinds as these have been shown to contain lead that could contaminate garden soil as the blinds weather.


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