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Upper South

December, 2010
Regional Report

Tool or Gardening Product

Corona Hand Pruners
When I'm purposefully going out into the garden (as opposed to just wandering out and starting to work), there is always an A.M. Leonard Soil Knife in a sheath attached to a pocket on one side and a pair of hand pruners in a sheath attached to the pocket on the other side. Those pruners have varied over the years, depending upon a variety of factors, but the ones that I keep coming back to are the Corona Model No. 3180. These have a 1-inch diameter cutting capacity, are made of heat-treated, forged steel alloy, have replaceable, re-sharpenable bypass blades, and bright red handles (the better to find when you lay them down). Best of all, they are reasonably priced and widely available at home centers.

Clever Gardening Technique

Adding Water to a Christmas Tree Stand
To make adding water to the Christmas tree stand an easier process once the tree skirt and gifts are in place, buy a funnel and a 3- to 4-foot length of plastic tubing that will fit over the funnel tip. Attach the tubing to the funnel tip, then place the contraption among the tree branches, securing with a wire tie or twist tie. Extend the tube down the tree trunk and insert into the opening in the tree stand for adding water. Now you can pour water into the funnel, rather than fumbling under the tree. The only caveat is to have old towels handy for when the tree stand overflows. No system is perfect.


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