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January, 2011
Regional Report


Poet Linda Pastan
Linda Pastan's poem "The Gardener" in "The New Yorker", Dec. 13, 2010, p. 91 is an earthy homage, a crisp visual narrative, and a life lesson. The pictures she paints with words are of me, my sister gardeners, gardening pals, and, likely, you, the reader. Her way with words piqued my curiosity. Treat yourself. Explore Pastan's award-winning repertoire. She plays with and honors our intrinsic connection to nature's gifts - fragrant lilac, dogwood, holly, bamboo, "Market Day", "The Months", "Acorns." Fortunately many of her poems are a mere web search away.

Web Finds

Information about and Reporting the Stink Bug
Unfortunately the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a pest indoors as well as in agricultural and ornamental crops. When touched, this mottled, gray-brown, "shield" shaped bug about half-inch long gives off an unpleasant odor that often resists removal with soap and water. Researchers at Rutgers University are studying its habits and its spread. They're asking people to report sightings and mail them stink bugs. Controlling the bugs can be frustrating and difficult, if not impossible. Here's something you can do to help solve the problem. Check out Stink Bug for details on the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station monitoring project.


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