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Coastal and Tropical South

January, 2011
Regional Report

Web Finds

Seed Starting Information
There's always a discussion among gardeners about where to get information about growing particular plants from seed. Hopefully, personalized instructions come with seeds passed along from friends, but beyond that, is better information available on seed packs themselves, or do catalogs and websites have more information? The answer depends on whether you're looking to plant seeds outdoors or start them indoors. Most seed packets describe planting depth, exposure and spacing for direct seeding. Renee's Garden Seeds is devoted to providing this information and every seed pack is a mini-encyclopedia. However, seed starting tips for growing transplants indoors is most often the province of print and online catalogs. The venerable Thompson and Morgan seed catalog remains the most concise source of this information. Each seed offered has its days to sprout and preferred germination temperature listed.

Tool or Gardening Product

Seed Growing Mat
In many cases, the indoors of your home is not warm enough for ideal seed starting, but you can easily remedy that with heating mats made for the purpose. Jiffy Gro makes one that is widely available (8 inches x 18 inches, about $25) at larger garden centers and online. Do not substitute a conventional heating pad for this gardening mat made specifically for use in wet environments.


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