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Lower South

March, 2011
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

'Carefree Beauty' Rose
This old garden rose was re-discovered years ago and has become a popular addition to southern gardens. 'Carefree Beauty' produces large, open, semi-double pink blooms that are fragrant. It is a repeat blooming rose that forms a medium sized shrub. Like its name implies, 'Carefree Beauty' is not prone to disease problems.

Tool or Gardening Product

Diamond Hoe
There are a number of garden hoes on the market with unique designs that facilitate easier, more effective weeding. One of my favorites is the diamond hoe. It has a long, narrow diamond shape with sharp edges on all four sides and long narrow points on the two long ends of the diamond shape. It is used with both push and pull action in a sweeping motion cutting off weeds just beneath the soil surface.


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