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March, 2011
Regional Report

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Aggie Horticulture
There's a world of information available about pruning, but the horticulturists in Texas have covered the subject well in Landscape Pruning. The whys and how-tos of basic pruning categories are covered well and the article is written to be useful, not overly academic. Especially useful is the section entiltled Definition of Terms. You may not care what the crotch of the tree is, but the difference between espalier and shearing can be important. You may read about lateral branching or secondary branches but not know how to apply the terms to your tree. Too often, good information is necessarily written in rather technical language and a reference like this one can help in the translation process.


How to Prune
Revising or preparing a second edition of any book is quite an opportunity for any writer. He or she gets the a chance to update expand, and clarify the original information. In the case of The Pruning Book by Lee Reich, the inclusion of enhanced illustrations makes this revision even better than the wonderful first edition. Published by Taunton Press (2010) and widely available in bookstores and online, The Pruning Book takes the mystery out of pruning and shows you exactly what to do to make the best cuts for healthy growth and best form.


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