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Upper South

May, 2011
Regional Report

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Local Harvest
Wanting to eat more locally grown food but not sure about the options beyond your own garden? Certainly, you should talk with friends to get input, but another way to find out what's in your area is to use Local Harvest. The website is a nationwide database of farmer's markets, community-supported agriculture subscriptions, farms, restaurants, groceries and co-ops, and online stores that can be accessed by zip code, city, or state as well as the name or description of a product.

Tool or Gardening Product

Mini Circlehoe
For those who read this column regularly, yes, I have written about the Circlehoe before, but wonderful tools need to be mentioned again and again. For me, the Mini Circlehoe is a life-saver. Maybe I'm the only one who gets a bed all weeded but not mulched immediately. In only a few days, a whole new crop of tiny weeds sprout. Certainly, I don't want to wait until they're bigger to pull them and removing the diminutive weeds one by one is a major chore. Enter the Mini Circlehoe. Only 11 inches long, it easily fits in my garden tote and is just the right size for getting in between growing plants. The sharpened front edge of the circle part cleanly cuts weeds below the ground, breaking the soil surface but not transporting it along. Bottom line? A quickly and easily cleaned bed. If you can't find the Mini Circlehoe at local garden centers, then it can be ordered at


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