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Lower South

May, 2011
Regional Report

Web Finds

Patio Citrus
Patio Citrus by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service is a great source of information on all aspects of growing your own container citrus trees. It lists species and cultivars and even has tips for repotting a citrus plant that has outgrown its container and recipes for your bountiful harvests to come!

Clever Gardening Technique

Quick, Easy PVC Greenhouse
A PVC structure is a fast and easy way to protect a cold sensitive plant during a freeze. Hammer 4 short piece of rebar into the ground on 4 sides of the plant just outside the plant's canopy. Leave about 8" of the rebar sticking out of the ground. Then take a section of one half inch gray PVC pipe, 15 to 20 feet long, and place one end over the rebar. Bend it into a "hoop" over the plant and place the other end over the rebar on the opposite side of the plant. Do the same on the other two sides to make a second hoop, forming an "X" over the plant. Then spread a piece of plastic over the PVC structure and place weights on the ground to hold the plastic down. Choose the pipe length that best covers the plant. This will provide a surprising amount of protection on a cold night if you include a heat source beneath the plastic.


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