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Coastal and Tropical South

June, 2011
Regional Report


Vertical Gardening
You'll be brimming with good ideas for your garden with Garden Up: Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet (Cool Springs Press, 2011, $19.95). If you're stuck in the rut of conventional trellises, or if you simply want inspiring height in your design, fresh ideas about using vertical space to grow plants is just what you need. Whether it is instant cover and color that you seek or a way to recycle plastic objects into a clever hanging planter, the ways and means are in this book. You will find this book beautiful and useful and it will make you wonder why you didn't think of these clever means to elevate plants.

Tool or Gardening Product

Ace Home and Garden Sprayers
Every smart gardener needs a pump-up pressure sprayer, and if you use both pesticides and herbicides in your garden, you need two. Never put insecticide into any container that ever had herbicide in it to avoid contamination and, potentially, dead plants. Pressure sprayers work better than any sprayer on a ready-to-use product, with a more direct and adjustable spray pattern. They can be cheaper to use and can make it easier to apply sprays to a targeted area with less risk of drift. Chapin Mfg. has long been a big name in sprayers and still is, and among their products is a nifty Ace Home and Garden Sprayer. Sizes range from 1/2 gal-3 gal, and each one has features that gardeners really like -- a filter to keep the lines from clogging, a funnel top to make it easy to fill, and a handle that is easy to grip. Look for this sprayer at Ace Hardware Stores.


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