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New England

June, 2011
Regional Report

Web Finds

Sustainable Landscaping
If you're interested in finding out more about sustainable landscaping, here are some online resources to get you started:
1. Landscape for Life
2. Northeast States Sustainable Landscaping
3. Earth-kind
4. Sustainability
5. Climate-Friendly Gardener
6. The Sustainable Landscape

Tool or Gardening Product

Fishtail and Cape Cod Weeders
I'm a get-down-and-get-dirty kind of gardener when it comes to weeding. While I do use a long-handled loop hoe, with a circular blade that is dragged across the soil surface, at times, more often than not I'm down on my hands and knees, where these short-handled weeders are just the ticket. The fishtail weeder, also called a dandelion or asparagus knife, has a straight shank with a V-shaped notch at its business end. It's great for getting down into the soil to root up -- you guessed it -- dandelion roots and other tap-rooted weeds. The Cape Cod or Yankee weeder (no idea how it got its name) has a short blade at a right angle to the shank. You pull it across the soil towards you, lopping off the weeds as you go. It's great for getting in tight spaces around existing plants in my perennial beds. And someday I will follow my own advice and paint the handles of these tools bright red so I can find them again after I set them down in the garden! Both these tools are available at most garden and hardware stores.


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