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Upper South

September, 2011
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Lemon Coral Sedum
With the ever-increasing concerns about water usage, succulents are gaining more prominence in plantings, including containers. One that has far exceeded expectations for me this year is Sedum rupestre Lemon Coral. The narrow, fleshy, needle-like leaves are a bright chartreuse. The robust, spreading plants grew about 4 inches tall for me, although the plant tag says it can reach 10 inches tall. Heat and drought tolerant, Lemon Coral can be planted where it will cascade over the edge of a container planting or a wall, as well as allowed to serve as a groundcover. I simply allowed it to fill a large, round, shallow bowl that was set among other containers as a counterpoint. My plant never bloomed, but Lemon Coral is said to have flat-topped clusters of small yellow, star-like flowers in mid-summer. Use Lemon Coral as an annual, except where it is hardy, Zones 7-11.

Tool or Gardening Product

Corona Sharpening Tool
Full Disclosure Number 1: I don't sharpen knives, scissors, or garden tools until they absolutely will not function. Full Disclosure Number 2: I was recently given a Corona Sharpening Tool. To say the least, I was underwhelmed. But, hey, why not give it a try? So, now, having worked my way through sharpening a wide assortment of pruning shears and loppers, I can truthfully say that this is one handy little tool that will making pruning go much more smoothly with significantly less effort. Besides easily having sharper tools, what is also great is that the ten-dollar sharpening tool is small and lightweight, being about a half inch wide and 5 inches long. The actual carbide file component is about three-quarters of an inch long, with the remainder a non-slip grip. This means that it can easily be tossed in my bag of garden tools, which, in turn, means that it will be used more often than some large, heavy, complicated-to-use tool. Instructions for using the Corona Sharpening Tool are included in the packaging. For more information, go to


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