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Lower South

October, 2011
Regional Report


Plant Propagation
A very reader friendly and informative resource for gardeners wanting to learn more about multiplying their plants is the American Horticultural Society's Plant Propagation, editor-in-chief Alan Toogood (DK Publishing, 1999, $35.00). Like all DK books this one is full of outstanding, very helpful photos, drawings and graphics so anyone can gain a clear understanding of the "how-to" practices of rooting cuttings, planting seeds, grafting, budding, layering, divisions, and other techniques. A very wide variety of plant species are addressed individually making it even easier to gain knowledge about what interests you. Add to this sections of tools and equipment, growing media and various propagation structures and you have a very easy to read and understand resource for gardeners.

Clever Gardening Technique

Grow Mesclun Greens Separately
Mesclun greens are combinations of different greens usually sown and harvested together to create a mixed salad blend. These greens don't all grow at the same rate or with the same success in all areas. Plant each species separately. That way you can harvest and mix at the ratios you prefer for your perfect salad.


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