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Western Mountains and High Plains

December, 2011
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Coral Embers Willow
Brighten your winter landscape with Coral Embers willow (Salix alba ssp. vitellina 'Britzensis)'. These bright red-orange stemmed shrubs add color and interest when used in a grouping or as backdrop. Coral Embers grows quickly and gives the best show when pruned back in spring to a foot tall or so. It will tolerate most soils with adequate moisture.

Clever Gardening Technique

Use Poinsettia Blooms as Cut Flowers
Poinsettias make excellent cut flowers in arrangements. When you cut the stems they will bleed milky sap. This can stopped by dipping the cut end in hot water or searing the cut end with a candle flame before placing in the arrangement or vase.


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