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New England

May, 2012
Regional Report

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Build Your Own Tuteur
There are many attractive tuteurs and decorative plant supports available for purchase. But building your own can be a fun way to express your creativity and save some money in the process. Woodworker's Workshop offers a variety of design plans for sale. Fine Gardening offers free instructions and a video on building a rustic tuteur.

Tool or Gardening Product

Single Stem Supports
Staking plants is one of my least favorite garden activities, so I am always looking for products that make it easier to give plants the support they need. That's why I like the single stem supports and multi-ring stem ladders from Gardener's Supply Company. Perfect for plants like lilies and delphiniums where each stem needs it own stake, the supports are made from green polyethylene-coated steel so they blend in unobtrusively with foliage. Plant stems are easily tucked into the one or more rings at the top and along the length of the supports. Single stem supports are 36 or 48 inches tall; stem ladders range from 36 to 66 3/4 inches tall with two to four rings. Available from


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