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Coastal and Tropical South

March, 2014
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Flame of the Woods
Flame of the woods (Ixora), aka jungle geranium or jungle flame, is a standard of tropical and subtropical gardens. But this grand old girl isn't often considered as the superb hedge plant she can be. Not too tall, not too aggressive, ixora blooms for months in red, orange, pink, or yellow. Dark green leaves resemble its relatives, gardenia and coffee plants, but the flower heads look more like phlox flowers, bunches of pinwheels whirling all over the plant. Trimming this flowering shrub several times a year can keep the plant compact and the flowers plentiful.

Tool or Gardening Product

Mighty Grow Fertilizer
The full name of this product is Mighty Grow Living Organic Fertilizer, and it is made in south Alabama. It is an organic poultry litter fertilizer processed to remove pathogens and make nutrients available to your plants. A material registered for use in organic agriculture, its analysis is 4-5-5 and includes trace minerals in a low-odor, low dust, finely milled product. For more information, visit


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