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Coastal and Tropical South

June, 2014
Regional Report

Web Finds

American Hydrangea Society
The American Hydrangea Society has a beautiful website, with information about hydrangeas we can grow in most of the region and others we may only dream of. This fascinating family of plants is expanding annually, with more people growing more of them every year. If you like the French blues or the oakleafs, you'll like this site.

Favorite or New Plant

Diamond Frost Euphorbia
In pots or garden beds, anywhere heat and drought tolerance (once established in the garden) is needed, this Proven Winners plant deserves your attention. Its delicate looks belie how hardy this jewel really is, with thin green stems covered in white starry flowers. 'Diamond Frost' does well in full or part sun and is extremely heat tolerant. If you like baby's breath but have found it finicky in our region, this one has the same overall effect either alone or in containers.


Today's site banner is by Marilyn and is called "Salvia regla 'Royal'"