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September, 2014
Regional Report

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Florida-Friendly Gardening
Whether it's a new bed that needs a full complement of native shrubs or a single replacement, choosing plants can be confusing. Know the conditions of your site to make it easier to select plants, then use Florida-Friendly Landscaping to find selections and solid information. Though aimed at one state of our regions, the search allows you to select the northern Florida range. The vast majority of plants in that database grow throughout the Southern Coasts. Choose a plant group, then sun, soil and water levels and the database provides a list with good descriptions and color pictures.

Favorite or New Plant

Cymbogopon ciatrus or lemongrass is an essential to Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisine. Its citrus flavor has a tinge of ginger that lends itself nicely to any fish or fowl dish as well. Indeed, it is known as sweet rush, fever grass and- surprise- citronella. Yes, it is slightly repellent to insects and has been known to keep dogs at bay, at least in folklore. Easy to grow, lemongrass should be trimmed frequently to keep its new growth coming. Keep it slightly moist in a partly sunny spot.


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