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Northern & Central Midwest

September, 2014
Regional Report

Web Finds

Wildflower Information
If you are interested in including more native species into your landscape, Wildflower Information is an excellent place to start looking for species to plant. The site not only lists plants by region, but you can cross reference with scientific and common names. There is also information about native plants, invasive plants, and reference lists by soil and climate condition. This is a great place to start getting ideas for wildlife and pollinator-friendly native plantings.


Overwintering Tender Perennials Indoors
Bulbs in the Basement, Geraniums on the Windowsill (Storey Publishing, 2008), by Brian McGowan and Alice McGowan, tells you how to enjoy many of your favorite tender plants season after season by bringing them indoors for the winter. You'll find information on successfully overwintering more than 160 tender perennials, from Abutilon to Xanthosoma, and including old favorites like cannas, begonias, and geraniums, so that they'll be ready for repeat appearances in the garden come spring.


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