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January, 2002
Regional Report


Sounds like an appetizer, but I love it as a main dish. It's a great chance to use garlic that is just ready to sprout and roasted peppers I always keep in the freezer. You can also use bottled minced garlic and bottled red peppers if you choose. Add a salad or soup and you have a delicious light meal.

8 oz. softened goat cheese

1/4 cup finely chopped roasted sweet peppers

1 teaspoon roasted garlic paste*

Mix well with a fork (don't puree in food processor or it turns pink!). Toast both sides of slices of thickly cut Italian bread and spread with cheese mixture. Enjoy!

You can also top this with seeded and chopped tomatoes mixed with basil, chopped olives mixed with shredded Romano cheese or shredded spinach mixed with Romano cheese.

*Slice the top quarter inch off of a head of garlic. Wrap tightly in foil and put in oven for 35 minutes. Cool and squeeze out the roasted garlic paste from each clove.

Favorite or New Plant

Calamondin Orange
My kitchen is regularly filled with the alluring scent of orange blossoms from my calamondin orange (x Citrofortunella mitis). The plant has snow-white starry flowers, green fruit and ripe fruit on it at the same time, making it a beautiful accent plant. And if that weren't enough, Calamondin orange marmalade is the stuff dreams are made of. The tart, intensely scented and flavored little oranges are borne in profusion throughout the year.

All it takes to keep the plant happy is a bright window, moderately moist soil and regular feedings. It does benefit from going outside in summer. Some sources suggest hand pollination in order to get fruit, but I've never done it and always have plenty of the bitter oranges.


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