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Lower South

February, 2001
Regional Report

Web Finds

Soil and Composting
The following Web sites are good primers on soils and soil building through the use of compost. They are designed for gardeners of all ages and even experienced soil builders may learn some new information: Soil, Water, and Fertilizer from Texas A&M University is an excellent primer on soil science written at a basic level. Composting for Kids (by yours truly) is a good site for teaching kids how to build soil using several different composting techniques.


Gardening Success with Difficult Soils
Many gardeners must deal with high-lime soils, caliches, or alkaline clays. Gardening in the Southwest and on some of the gumbo soils of the Gulf Coast region often poses great challenges because of these soils. Gardening Success with Difficult Soils, by Scott Ogden (Taylor Publishing, 1992; $19), is a real value for those of us trying to build a garden in stuff that's better suited for road base or modeling clay. Southern garden writer and photographer Ogden has provided a superb reference on building tough-to-work soils into a worthwhile garden spot and selecting appropriate plants for these unique soil types.


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