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Inland Northwest, High Desert

September, 2000
Regional Report

Local Buzz

The Mysterious Hobo
There's a mystery behind the hobo spider's name. Years ago, when somebody noticed that this new spider had hopped off a boat in the Seattle harbor, two entomologists argued over what it should be called.

Its proper name is Tegenaria agrestis, they agreed, but one thought it ought to be called the "aggressive house spider," while the other thought "hobo spider" was more appropriate.

Darwin Vest, the "hobo spider" champion, bided his time. When the other entomologist died, Darwin dubbed Tegenaria agrestis the hobo spider. However, on June 3, 1999, Darwin Vest mysteriously vanished while walking in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Web Finds

Hobos Up Close
Be ready for a whole screen full of hairy spiders. For more on hobo spiders go to This site has everything you could possibly want to know about hobo spiders, plus links to other related sites. It is the most referred-to site on the Inernet for information on these big, nasty spiders.


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