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Inland Northwest, High Desert

November, 2000
Regional Report

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Plant Amnesty
Answers to your questions about tree pruning and more can be found at Cass Turnbull, of Seattle, Washington, started the nonprofit organization. Plant Amnesty leads a cadre of volunteers and arborists in the fight against topping trees and poor pruning practices. Find out how to prune your shrub until it looks "miraculously tidy and shorter, but natural."


Mole Formula
If you are having problems with moles in your lawn, this recipe, from my good friend Ed Hume, is a safe and easy way to send a message that they should go elsewhere.


1/4 cup castor oil

2 tablespoons liquid soap


Blend these two in a blender (otherwise, they won't mix properly). Add 6 tablespoons water and blend again. Store this mix in a container until you see a mole mound. When you are ready to apply the solution to the area where moles are active, mix 2 tablespoons with 1 gallon water and pour it into the problem area.


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