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Inland Northwest, High Desert

November, 2000
Regional Report

Local Buzz

Borers Galore
Ash and birch borers have been making their way across our region, and homeowners have had to cut down many trees in their wake. Faced with a load of dead trees, many homeowners are cutting them up for firewood. One fellow who cut down his besieged ash tree and stacked it for firewood had a rude surprise.

He brought the borer-infested firewood inside and stacked it beside the fireplace. When the wood warmed up, the borer eggs still in the wood hatched, and he had bugs galore! If you decide to burn your infested firewood, leave it stacked outside until you need it.


Concise Birdfeeder Handbook
The Concise Birdfeeder's Handbook, by Robert Burton (DK Publishing, 1992; $9), is a tiny paperback endorsed by the National Audubon Society that contains lots of information. I've looked everywhere for such a book and am overjoyed to find this one. It features beautiful full-color drawings of birds, a map of their territory, and information about their plumage, voice, and feeding and nesting habits, as well as suggestions for making your garden more bird friendly.


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