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New England

April, 2001
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Noah's Ark in Canada
For a taste of spring and history, visit the Montreal Botanic Garden's Spring Exhibition entitled "Noah's Ark" from April 13 through September 2. The main exhibition greenhouse will feature colorful plants and educational displays, such as the grains that were the first plants domesticated by humans, the Madagascar periwinkle and its life-saving anti-carcinogenic properties, and the papyrus that allowed us to transmit knowledge across time and space. And, of course, there will be an olive tree, since it was an olive branch that the dove carried back to Noah to signal the end of the flood.

Just for fun there will be plants by theme such as food plants and medicinal plants, all grown under the watchful eyes of giraffes, lions, and immense elephants fashioned out of vines. For more information, call (514) 872-1400.


The Ortho Problem Solver, 5th Edition
I'm always answering gardening questions, and one of my bibles over the years has been The Ortho Problem Solver. This book is a must for everyone who needs to know in a glance what's ailing their plants. I've used it more for problem identification, however, and less for controls since they've emphasized mostly chemical controls in past editions. The fifth edition, edited by Michael McKinley (Meredith Books, 2001; $25), offers controls that are more environmentally friendly. It seems to spend as much space on cultural and organic controls as chemicals, and coming from Ortho Chemical Company, that's a sign of the changing attitudes toward pest and disease control. It's also now in a lightweight paperback version, which makes it much easier to tote around.


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