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In the Garden:
Pacific Northwest
December, 2000
Regional Report

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We'll enjoy the color of these holly berries until late winter. Once they begin to ferment, the local birds will have a field day.

A New Year and New Gardens

I'm recovering from an encounter with an especially nasty flu bug. I don't know which has been worse, the illness or the forced confinement while I recuperate. On the plus side, I've had ample opportunity to appreciate the winter sights and sounds of the garden from a small window facing out into the side yard. I can detect the rustle of my ornamental grasses in the wind, and see the rich red berries of my holly through my personal portal. The time spent in captivity has given me hours to reflect on past accomplishments and failures. I've even had a chance to begin a list of things I'd like to change in the garden. If you're a true gardener, this wish-list will probably strike a familiar chord with you, as well.

Realistic Renovations

I resolve to renovate realistically - one garden at a time. It's easy to become overwhelmed with projects when everything in the garden is crying for attention at the same time.

Be Patient

I resolve to wait patiently for spring to arrive rather than trying to rush the season. Seeds and transplants plopped into cold soils only sit and sulk and sometimes even die.

Right Plant, Right Place

I resolve to do my homework and put the right plant in the right place, giving it the exposure it craves instead of placing it where I think it will look best.

Stop Nursing the Sick

I resolve to be more practical and less kind-hearted with poor performers. I'll stop adopting the sick and injured, trying to nurse them back to health and instead concentrate on the robust specimens.

With all that said, I'll try to resist nursing those sickly winter pansies that are struggling in my garden now. It's tough love for a soft-hearted gardener like myself.

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