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In the Garden:
Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys
February, 2011
Regional Report

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Choose carrot varieties that match your soil -- tiny stubby ones for clay soil, longer ones for loam and sandy soils

Something's Always New In the Garden

I hope you'll try something new in your garden this year to add to the tried-and-true dependables that your family loves and wants you to continue growing. Even if just for adventure's and curiosity's sake, add a new variety or whole new vegetable, flower, tree, or technique!

Even starting gardening or expanding a tentative try from last year can be the new thing for you do this year! But do consider it great fun and playtime! This is your personal place for relaxation and experimenting and discovering. Although you may seriously research a new technique or plant, providing all the benefits of prior planning, let the implementation and follow-through be lighthearted and philosophically accepting of whatever results. This isn't the place to get upset or wound up -- this is your head's vacation and play-place.

Gardening is a personal activity that's wide open for possibilities. It can be either frustratingly uncertain or an exciting challenge. Each gardener gardens differently, according to his or her own needs and desires, time available, and energy to expend. Soils differ in proportions of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter, even across the block from a neighbor. Weather seems never to be consistent from year to year -- there's no such thing as "normal."

There's always something new on the market to try as the perfect vegetable or flower or tool or technique. The great fun is in discovering and playing with the possibilities -- "Ooooh, it worked" or "I guess I have to try something else!" The great payoffs are in eating the delicious veggies, admiring the beautiful blooms, smelling the wonderful fragrances, and marveling at the plentiful harvest from those few tiny seeds and plants.

So get growing -- and playing! Who knows -- you might even discover a new favorite!

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