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In the Garden:
Northern & Central Midwest
June, 2001
Regional Report

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Some plants, such as this yellow rose, have followed me from house to house for years.

Pass-Along Plants

When we purchased our new home, I began planning my plant move even before planning how to move the furniture. My plant collection is certainly not rare, but is rather a collection of plants with special meaning to me. Some were started as cuttings or divisions from friends' plants. Some have been in my family for years, getting divided and shared because of their lovely scent or strong disease resistance.

Some Old Friends

In my collection of passed-along plants, each has its own story. I've dug and divided my friend Rose's peonies to take to my new home, and I included a pink old-fashioned rose from her family home in Iowa.

I divided the white iris given to me by my mother, the hosta my husband's grandmother planted on her husband's grave, and a yellow rose from Hattie, another grandmother. Each plant I dug brought sweet memories of a visit to another garden, a bargain made over tea, or the infectious enthusiasm of a fellow gardener.

Memories from Childhood

Most of us have memories tucked away of a childhood tie to a plant. I remember an old rose hedge with arching canes that were covered with small scarlet roses. The canes created a tunnel, perfect for an eight year old to imagine as a honey-scented fairy castle, even if it did come with bee stings.

Moving Day

When our moving day finally came, my husband and I made about 50 trips in a friend's beat-up old pickup overflowing with much-loved plants. The plants certainly weren't at their peak in mid-October, but they had to come with us. Now as my new garden is coming into its own, I take delight in sharing pieces of these special plants with my new neighbors for them to pass along.

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