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Middle South

May, 2003
Regional Report

Replace Pansies

Replace tired pansies with annuals that like hot weather, such as impatiens, pentas, angelonia, or lantana. Go with bright reds if you want to attract ruby-throated hummingbirds, or choose light pastels to create cooling visual effects.

Repair Warm-Season Lawns

Bermuda, zoysia, and centipede should be growing strong by now, making it easy to see spots that are weak or weedy. Pull weeds, patch bare spots, and fertilize if you haven?t already done so this year.

Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs

It\'s time to prune forsythias, azaleas, and other shrubs whose blooms have gone by, but this doesn\'t necessarily mean shaping them into unnatural, symmetrical balls. Instead, limit your pruning to old branches or any that have grown much too long, and let the plant maintain its natural shape.

Feed Summer Bulbs

Feed lilies, dahlias, and other summer-blooming bulbs, as well as patio shrubs like gardenias and hibiscus. Throughout the yard, plants that show a lot of yellow in their older leaves are telling you that they're in need of better nutrition.

Plan a Deckscape

Spend a little time playing with colors, textures, and the placement of furniture on your deck or patio. Use container-grown annuals to change or fine-tune your color scheme. Then add a colorful flag or windsock to give more impact to your favorite hue.


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