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Northern & Central Midwest

November, 2003
Regional Report

Prevent Sunscald

Prevent damage or injury from sunscald on newly planted, smooth-barked trees. Wrap the trunk with burlap strips or commercial tree wrap, secure a board to the south side of the trunk, or paint the trunk with white latex paint to reflect the sun.

Help Birds Avoid the Windows

Autumn light seems to make plate glass windows even more invisible to birds than usual. Hang twisted pieces cut from aluminum pie tins from thread in front of windows. These will move in the slightest breeze and alert the birds that there is something to be avoided.

Take Hardwood Cuttings

Take hardwood cuttings of most deciduous trees and shrubs now. Clip 6- or 8-inch pieces of this year's growth, bundle the sticks, and bury them outdoors in sand to produce callous that will produce roots next spring. Then, in early spring, plant the twigs in an outdoor bed.

Help Next Year's Garden with Organic Matter

Add organic matter to the vegetable garden and turn it under. Use shredded leaves, fresh or composted manure, your own compost, sawdust, or any other organic material you can scrounge. Chop the materials finely so they will completely decompose in time for spring planting.

Take Care of Those Garden Pools

Drain shallow garden pools and move hardy water lilies in their tubs to the basement or bury them in their containers in the garden. Put a thick mulch of leaves or straw on top once the soil is frozen. Cover the pool with a waterproof tarp and anchor securely.


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