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Lower South

February, 2004
Regional Report

Start Warm-Season Transplants

If you have any seeds for summer veggies and flowers that you want to grow as transplants, better get them planted. It will soon be time to set them out in the garden.

Maintain A Dense Hedge

When trimming hedges, keep the base as wide, or wider, than the top. Leaves only grow where there is light, so a top-heavy hedge will soon begin to thin out in the lower, shaded areas.

Complete Fruit and Nut Tree Pruning

It is best to complete all fruit tree pruning before the plants begin to bloom. Proper pruning cuts made with clean, sharp pruning tools will heal rapidly. The most rapid wound healing occurs in spring and early summer. Learn about the proper way to prune the type(s) of fruit you are growing.

Plant Onions Now

Late winter is onion planting time. Select pencil-sized sets and plant them 1 inch deep in a rich garden soil in a sunny location. It is important to keep them growing vigorously with plenty of water and regular feeding. The larger the plant, the larger the bulb it can produce.

Sharpen Your Gardening Knowledge

Your local extension office, nurseries, and botanical gardens may be offering some excellent opportunities to learn about new plants and techniques. Take advantage of these great programs, which can help you improve your gardening savvy!


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