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Southern Coasts

March, 2004
Regional Report

Plant Container Salad Gardens

Window boxes, half barrels, and soup-dish-shaped garden pots make perfect salad garden containers, and now is the time to plant them. Lettuce from seed or plants, dwarf basils, creeping thyme, and a traditional or variegated sage grow well together. Use a deeper container for radishes to spice up that salad.

Rejuvenate Ratty Rosemary

Winter weather has taken a toll on rosemary shrubs, so take action to rejuvenate them. Cut down the worst and woodiest of the stems. Burn them for fragrance in a firepit or fireplace. Then cut the rest by half and use the trimmings in potpourri if they're too damaged for cooking.

Plant Glads and More Glads

Plant a half dozen gladiolus bulbs each week all this month for weeks of flowers, likely including Mother's Day. Dig up the bed at least 5 inches deep, and plant the bulbs 3 inches below the soil surface. Put stakes in place as you plant.

Repair Sod

Uneven lawns are a chore to mow, and the worst of them can twist an ankle. If your lawn has gaps, dips, or holes between squares of sod, fill them with sand. It will settle before the grass starts to grow again, providing a surface the lawn can spread into.

Speed Up Decomposition of Pine Straw Mulch

Winter rains have taken a toll on many pine straw mulches. They're flattened, packed, and crushed, often growing the white strands of mycelium between layers. That sign of rot signals it's time to rake the straw, chop it up, and mix it with cottonseed meal to speed the process to compost.


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