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Lower South

March, 2004
Regional Report

Fertilize Cool-Season Vegetables

Feed broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, spinach, and other cool-season veggies every few weeks to keep them vigorous. Seed a final planting of spinach and lettuce for spring.

Prevent Winter Weeds from Going to Seed

Mow winter weeds in the lawn before they have time to set and mature seeds. Small patches of perennial weeds can be spot sprayed or hand dug to help prevent them from spreading.

Divide Fall-Blooming Perennials

Existing clumps of fall-blooming perennials, such as chrysanthemums, autumn asters, Mexican marigold mint (Tagetes lucida), and obedient plant (Physostegia) can be divided now. Mix a few inches of compost into the soil and reset plants now for a great show this coming fall.

Complete Dormant Oil Sprays

If scale has been a problem in the past, spray fruit trees and other plants prone to scale problems with dormant oil BEFORE new growth and blooms emerge so the oil doesn't damage this growth. Don't spray oil within a day or two of a freeze.

Fertilize Azaleas and Camellias

Fertilize camellias and azaleas when they complete their bloom cycle. Use 1 pound (about 2 cups) of azalea-camellia fertilizer per 100 square feet of bed area. Then mulch the soil surface to prepare them for summer.


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