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Inland Northwest, High Desert

April, 2004
Regional Report

Check the Lawn

Dig up a 4-inch-square of turf and turn it over. Are there grubs? Do the roots look healthy? Is the soil moist? Answers to these questions will help you get your lawn off to a great start. Set the plug back in place and water.

Weed Now

I've already fired the first salvo in the annual war of weeds. If you don't eliminate them in your own favorite way now, their seeds will produce pests that you will battle for seven years. Most can be pulled or cultivated away. Others ? the tough ones, such as horsetail, morning glory, and quackgrass ? need a dose of low-toxicity herbicide to convince them to leave.

Wait to Prune the Roses

Because we're still waiting for that last killing frost, wait to prune the roses. Our all-clear signal is a brilliantly blooming forsythia. When yours blooms, prune your roses.

Start Seeds Now

Only eight more weeks till our frost-free date. Start tomatoes, petunias, marigolds, and most other flowers from seed now. Save your egg cartons, gather up last year's pots and trays, wash them with soapy water and a dash of Clorox, and get growing.

Check Under the Eaves

Most of us had more moisture this winter than in recent years, but those plants under the eaves are still thirsty. Poke around and check the soil moisture level. Hook up the hoses and give them a much-needed drink.


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