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Middle South

June, 2004
Regional Report

Propagate Willing Rooters

Multiply plants that root easily from stem tip cuttings, such as coleus, mint, sweetpotato vine, and tomato. Potted up in clean seed-starting mix or vermiculite and kept in a warm, shady place, the stems will strike roots in less than two weeks.

Prune Roses

Reblooming roses benefit from being relieved of stems bearing bygone flowers. With roses that bloom but once, early summer is the best time to prune them hard. Within weeks, new stems will emerge that will bloom heavily next year.

Plant Purple Hulls

Purple hulls and other summer field peas have no trouble germinating in warm soil, and they do a great job of shading out weeds. Once they start blooming, they also attract beneficial wasps, and of course they taste great, too. Fill vacant spots with this wonder of summer every chance you get.

Maintain Mowers

Before your next mowing, spend a few minutes cleaning up your mower, checking its oil, and making sure the air intake isn't blocked by debris. Lawn mowers are not very fuel efficient to begin with, but keeping the machine well maintained will make it run better.

Pick Berries

Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are ripening, so don\'t miss these super-nutritious crops. Visit a nearby pick-your-own farm if you have no plants of your own, and taste like crazy to see which varieties you like best. Then make plans to grow them!


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