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New England

July, 2004
Regional Report

Continue Harvesting

Harvest tomatoes, zucchini, beans, and other fruiting crops frequently to encourage continued production. Remove any fruits that have gone by unless you're in competition for the biggest zucchini! You don't want the plant to produce mature seeds because that will signal that it's time to slow down fruit production.

Deadhead Petunias

Remove spent blooms on petunias to encourage more blooms, and cut back leggy growth to keep plants tidy. Rather than snipping off the ends of the longest vines, cut them back to within 3 or 4 inches of the soil line; they'll sprout there and give you a fuller, bushier plant.

Water New Shrubs and Trees

Lack of water is the most common cause of death in newly planted trees and shrubs. It takes plant roots quite a while to venture out from where they were confined in their nursery container into the surrounding soil in search of water. So you need to make sure the root ball stays moist during the first season of growth.

Harvest Herbs

Herbs are best harvested just as they are beginning to flower. That's when they have the highest concentration of essential oils -- and flavor -- in their leaves. Harvest entire branches back to within a few inches of the main stem to encourage new, bushy growth.

Water Containers Frequently

Check container-grown plants frequently, and water as necessary to keep soil moist. Soil can dry out very quickly, especially in small containers and those made of clay. Add a dilute fish emulsion- or seaweed-based fertilizer to the water once a week to keep plants healthy.


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