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Inland Northwest, High Desert

July, 2004
Regional Report

Leave Wilting Flowers

Even when plants are watered deeply and thoroughly, some, such as roses, can wilt in the midday heat. It usually happens on hot, windy days. The plants just can't keep up with the transpiration of water from their leaves. If well watered, they'll perk up in the cool of the evening.

Control Mites

Hot, dry weather encourages spider mites. Wash plants with water, especially junipers and roses, first thing in the morning to discourage mites. If you see their tiny webbing, put a nozzle on the hose that produces a hard stream of water and blast the plant. This almost always gets rid of the insects.

Add Epsom Salts

A handful of epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) around the dripline of roses will encourage new basal growth. Epsom salts will also green up the leaves and strengthen canes. Afterward, throw some in a tub of warm water and stick your feet in and relax.

Increase Watering

The summer heat is upon us. With increased heat, our plants need more water. Increase watering to every other day. Continue to water deeply, and use water-saving devices, such as leaky hoses, where appropriate.

Plan a Garden Event

If you're planning a backyard wedding or special outdoor event, spruce up the landscape with some extra flowers. Go to the nursery and buy a few flats of the flowers you'll need in your color scheme. Don't plant them right now, just nestle them in bare spots between plants and cover up the pot edges with mulch. After the event, plant at your leisure.


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