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Inland Northwest, High Desert

July, 2004
Regional Report

Protect Roses from Disease

This is no time to let the preventive spray schedule go astray. Night time winds are minimal, which makes it easier for fungal spores to hang around. Lime sulfur is an effective organic spray.

Leave the Leaves

New trees sometimes have too many lower branches than we think are attractive. Leave them. Baby trees need all the leaves they can get to help them build up a nice, strong trunk. Only after your new tree is two or three years old do you want to begin limbing up those small, low branches.

Keep the Grass High

It's important to raise the lawn mower blades to 3 inches now. Longer grass blades shade grass crowns and prevent moisture from evaporating.

Keep Deadheading

Grandma said "Cut and they'll come again." When you see spent blooms, cut the stem back to a leaf. Both annuals and perennials will show their appreciation by producing more flowers for you.

Use Lavender to Repel Flies

Lavender is in bloom now. Snip a bunch and tie it with a pretty ribbon, or weave it into a wreath to hang by the door. Flies avoid lavender and aren't as likely to fly in every time the door opens.


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