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Inland Northwest, High Desert

August, 2004
Regional Report

Freeze Zucchini

When you've worn out your welcome at the neighbor's and you've filled every parked car within three city blocks with zucchini, it's time to freeze them. Check your favorite zucchini bread recipe for quantities, then process the zucchini as though you were making bread today. Measure the correct amount into a freezer bag. Label and forget it till you need to make quick breads for the holidays.

Fertilize Petunias

Petunias have been blooming hard all summer. If the leaves are turning pale green, they've probably used up all the iron and sulfur you gave them as fertilizer in spring. Give them more fertilizer and water it in well. They will initiate another round of blooms.

Use Coffee or Tea To Repel Budworms

Geranium budworms pay a visit right about now. Yank the welcome mat out from under them with coffee or tea leaves. Research shows that larvae are killed or immobilized by the caffeine in coffee grounds or tea leaves. Dry out the morning's grounds on a paper plate. Pour them thickly around each geranium and continue to enjoy your geraniums pest-free until frost.

Water Deeply

Shorter days trigger plant hormones, telling them it's time to prepare for winter. Although you need to water less often in cooler weather, make sure you're watering trees and shrubs deeply. Soak the entire root zone every couple of weeks -% which can be 24 inches deep in good soil. Then when the soil does freeze, the entire plant will be prepared for the long, dry winter ahead.

Divide and Multiply

Divide spring-bloomers, such as iris and daylilies. Right now you can clearly see which ones are crowding themselves out of a home and pinpoint bare spots that would benefit from new additions.


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