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Middle South

September, 2004
Regional Report

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Fall is a good time for setting out new landscape plants. The soil is warm, encouraging strong root growth, but the air temperatures have moderated, so plants are under less stress. Be sure to water plants during dry spells.

Plant Fall Vegetables

Set out transplants of fall crops, such as broccoli, collards, and cauliflower. These plants grow best in the cooler temperatures of fall and will withstand light frosts. Look for transplants at local garden centers.

Prune Dead Branches

Avoid heavy pruning on most trees and shrubs in fall, but do go ahead and remove dead branches and limbs that could pose a hazard during strong winds.

Sow Spinach

Sow seeds of fast-maturing greens, such as spinach, for a harvest well into fall. A simple cold frame, made from straw bales covered with old windows, will extend the season further into the winter.

Save Leaves

Start collecting fallen leaves for composting. Shredding the leaves will make them decompose faster, but even whole leaves will decompose to yield valuable leaf mold. Till this into your soil in spring, or use as a mulch around perennial plantings.


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