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October, 2004
Regional Report

Net the Water Garden

Remove frost-killed plant stems and foliage from the pond, and cover the surface with netting to catch and exclude fallen leaves. Periodically clean off the netting to keep debris out of the water. The cleaner you can keep the water now, the better the water quality will be next spring.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Daffodils, tulips, crocuses and many more spring-flowering bulbs are available by mail and in stores. They should be planted now so they'll have time to become rooted before the ground freezes. They will quietly winter underground and undergo a required chilling period, then pop up early next spring.

Service Tools

The end of the season is a good time to inspect, clean, repair or sharpen your tools. If you do it now, they will be ready to go when you are next spring. Turnaround times on professional repair and maintenance are faster now than in the spring busy season, too.

Store Chemicals Safely

Select a secure location locked away from pets and children, and store lawn or garden chemicals in the original, labeled containers. Protect these products from freezing. Periodically check the containers for leakage. Contact your local authorities for approved disposal methods for any unwanted leftovers or empty containers.

Drain Irrigation System

Automatic irrigation systems must be thoroughly drained and/or blown free of moisture in the fall. If this is not done, water will freeze inside the pipes this winter, expand, and damage the system, resulting in expensive repairs. Contact your system installer or maintenance contractor for more information.


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