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Middle South

October, 2004
Regional Report

Dig Tender Bulbs

Wait until the tops are browned by frost, then dig up cannas, dahlias and gladioli. Allow roots/bulbs to dry, then brush off excess soil and store in peat moss or vermiculite in a cool, frost-free, dark place.

Pot Up Herbs to Bring Indoors

Dig up a few parsley, sage and thyme plants and pot them up to bring indoors. Placed on a sunny windowsill and watered regularly, the plants should flourish for several months, if not all winter.

Mow Lawn

Continue to mow the lawn as necessary into fall until growth ceases. Mow over thin layers of loose, dry leaves to mulch them and allow them to return their nutrients to the soil. Rake up deep piles of wet leaves and add to the compost pile.

Remove Stakes and Trellises

Pull up stakes and take apart trellises for winter storage; they will last longer if not exposed to winter moisture. Brush off excess soil and store in a dry place.

Transplant Perennials, Trees and Shrubs

Fall is the best time of year for moving plants. Divide and transplant perennials, and transplant deciduous trees and shrubs when they are dormant.


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